Tuesday, February 13, 2007

BackTrack 2.0 Final Due End of Febuary

We have been working really hard on BackTrack 2.0 Final.
I managed to change kernels (twice), and I think I broke some sort of record in fuxxing up BT :)
Things are looking good however, with some nice features included into v.2.0 final. These are just a few:

* Updated to Kernel 2.6.19
* Broadcom Wifi drivers +injection (bcm43xx)
* IPW2200 Wifi drivers + injection
* RTL8180 Wifi drivers + injection
* RTL8187 Wifi drivers + injection
* Support for a wider range of Wifi cards
* Fixed BT JTR PXE Cluster Pack
* Added Metasploit PXE ninja
* Updated tools and packages

Things are looking extremely sexy, and we hope to have a final release by the end of Febuary.