Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Metasploit 3 on an iPhone

The idea of getting Metasploit 3 on an iPhone has been bugging me for a while.
We've already put it on a WRT54g, so having it on an iphone was a must.
The Ruby package in the iPhone installer is broken, and recompiling it... just didn't seem like fun.
I haven't had too much background with installing iPhone firmwares, so i called on my trustworthy friend, Jacky.

I read that the Cydia installer was a better environment (BSD Subsystem replacement) for these games...so after a painful process of bricking my iPhone, being saved by Jacky, installing Cydia, ruby, wget, mobile terminal, svn and downloading metasploit - we got it to work!

iPwn takes on a whole new meaning :)


PS - Just to later find out that Metasploit 3 is already included in the Cydia installer...ugh.